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F or those who are inspired by the possibility of multiple lives, you may be moved by the story of Trevor Barzee. Could it be that wisdom and passion come not only from the external world, but are also passed down from within as well? Since he was a child, Trevor found inspiration in many arenas, which still, to this very day, serve as a tool for his passions and expression. There are memories of childhood that each and every one of us holds dear; and for Trevor these memories serve as ever-broadening guidebooks for the path forward.

From a very young age, Trevor showed an innate talent for art and design. Centered around the niches wherein design took center stage, architecture, automotive, yachting and aviation served as inspiration for Trevor to put pen to paper. Or, as Trevor later achieved many awards and accolades for, oil paint to canvas. This lifelong passion followed Trevor throughout his young life, and into adulthood, enabling him to experience success in a broad range of careers. Fresh out of school, he decided that the hobby of playing Flight Simulator simply wasn’t enough, so he took to flight training in pursuit of his pilot’s license. The newfound freedom of flight spread like wildfire, helping open the door to the realization of other lifelong ambitions. This began what is now a diverse diverse work background that has enabled him to experience success in a broad range of careers including renovating residential properties; becoming a licensed property manager; launching and operating a real estate brokerage and development firm, and even buying and selling specialty automobiles.

Born and raised in New York, and having later relocated to the Southeast US, Trevor has also traveled the world, expanding his business opportunities while being fueled by his passions in these many unique areas. He has spent his adult life as a serial entrepreneur; discovering new and unique ways to build successful businesses. Trevor lived in the Dominican Republic for four years, and while there, launched a property management, sales and consulting firm in Punta Cana. He managed a seven-figure portfolio of luxury vacation properties here which, through raising his public profile, allowed him to begin working with other leaders in this niche in the local community. Trevor applied his skills yet again to create and launch a digital marketing agency, which led to ventures with internationally recognized real estate companies as well as destination and adventure companies. Via these platforms, Trevor’s clients and partners were able to realize seven-figure revenues for themselves and their businesses. He also consulted on the development of multiple mid to large-scale residential projects, one of which brought him to Argentina for a year, which, due to their prime locations, catered to an international demographic.

After years in the Caribbean and South America, Trevor relocated to Romania, where his wife, Irina is from, so he could further educate himself in his understanding of a different and unique market. He has aligned himself with various tech startups and digital entrepreneurs around the world to take advantage of emerging tech and marketing trends. The country of Romania served as a backdrop for fine-tuning the niche markets in which Trevor’s passions lay, and while it might appear to be a haphazard career path, there is much order to this perceived chaos.

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Today, Trevor combines his design abilities with the technical skills he has accumulated over the years to market his properties and projects digitally. As his marketing efforts attracted local interest, his re-launched, re-focused digital marketing agency was born. No stranger to career adversity, Trevor can help you determine how your business venture can succeed, and possibly more importantly, how it could potentially fail. He can help by leveraging his business knowledge and experience to help others realize their business potential. Trevor’s artistic skills and his eye for design work well with his expertise in entrepreneurship, especially now with this digital agency; Wild Compass Media.

Wild Compass Media is Trevor’s endeavor to share his technical knowledge and business experience with businesses that need someone who knows their niche. It provides a stunning cross-platform web presence with custom software application development. Wild Compass Media offers something no other company can: the wisdom and inspiration from Trevor’s passionate approach to life and business; a culmination of many lives of wisdom, know-how, and the desire to achieve the very best.

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“We’ve accumulated a wealth of insight as to what drives our clients’ businesses. Collectively, we’ve put our heads together to stay ahead of coming trends.”

Trevor Barzee

Real Estate, Hospitality & Travel Marketing Strategist