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From many areas around the world, in the industry sectors we specialize in, here’s some of what our clients have to say. We’re as proud to call our clients part of our organization, as they are to call us part of their team!

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Test Thumbs 6After moving to the Dominican Republic, I decided to continue in the industry of my expertise; the real estate industry. I had made the decision to settle in the DR – in the Punta Cana area, and begin Go Punta Cana Real Estate in 2007. At this time there were only a very small handful of real estate companies in the area, so, by plugging in to the “Point2” system, I was able to secure enough listings to prove viable. As they area grew, competition grew. I went to Trevor and his company, as I knew their experience in both digital marketing and real estate was key for me to get ahead of the internationally branded competition. Together, we developed a new logo and identity, a new primary website and many microsites for communities in the area. After 4 years and counting with them, I now maintain a portfolio of over 50 luxury vacation rentals, and turn over millions of dollars a year in sales transactions. Our clients are thrilled and our competitors are working around the clock to catch up! I would say that any real estate company is missing out if they don’t see what Trevor and his team have to say.

Scott Medina – Go Punta Cana Real Estate

Test Thumbs 4I independently run my own website development and SEO company. I specialize in personal identity building and had previously worked in the reputation management niche. I have contracted out to Trevor and his team on multiple occasions wherein I required something that really “pops”. I needed the full package that kept my clients believing in me and coming back to me, and glad to say, that was definitely delivered!

Glen Woodfin – Glen Woodfin Services

Test Thumbs 2My lifetime experience is in the engineering and real estate arena. I was part of the development team of the infamous Studio54 in NY, and built and leased over a million square feet of Class A office space in the same region. I left Cali & Associates to begin my own firm, to develop property and build my own portfolio. I hired Trevor on as a consultant where we worked together for years to this day to help present business plans that close deals for me to both investors and clients alike. We successfully raised capital on a private boutique hotel in Buenos Aires via the direct result of a great business plan, presentation, and website that shared my vision from concept to completion.

Dennis Lane – Royce & Associates

Test Thumbs 1I met some of the guys almost a decade ago in Romania. The English expat crowd was rather small at that time. I was part of an early gathering for a site they created for the regional tourist market. I took a keen interest in joining forces early on, as I’m well plugged in to the foreigner market in Romania. I’d made the decision prior to settle here, and as an english expat, I began some businesses to service that demographic. Trevor and his team were wonderful in helping me set up the digital presence for these services, which include but are not limited to general expat/residency assistance via Moorcroft Services, travel and destination guides, as well as a well thought out branding effort that greatly helped my presence in Romanian national media.I continue to work with them to this day, and I’m still growing my companies!

Dean Edgar – Moorcroft & Bucharest Expat

Test Thumbs 5Like many, I’d always dreamed of moving to Paradise. Although very successful managing my own multi-million dollar fund in Ontario, I was sick and tired of the corporate grind. I craved warm weather, tropical beaches, and white sand. I found that in the Dominican Republic. I wasted no time in setting up a tour company. I began by becoming a reseller of local tours that the larger companies were operating. I’d make a commission for selling the tours. Unfortunately, I discovered, as many in this industry likely have, that the effort is hardly worth the return on investment that being a reseller offers. Around the time of this “revelation” I became friends with Trevor through his real estate activities in the community. After inquiring about what could be done to bring my tour company to the next level, we began working together. My company, El Tour Caribe, began to take on a life of its own. No longer were we reselling the same tours as everyone else, but with our new identity in hand, we created custom tours that provided unique experiences on the island. I was an am the only person offering such unique tours – as I take an active involvement in the experience. Today we’re running strong – offering bespoke yacht charters, deep sea adventures, corporate event experiences, and more. Our bottom line has massively increased, and we successfully navigated the “5 year benchmark” that most small businesses never overcome. We continue to work together to ensure that my company, El Tour Caribe, is not only the leading company in the D.R., but a leader in the Caribbean marketplace.

Lise Menard – El Tour Caribe

Test Thumbs 3Scuba diving has always been a passion of mine, and as a PADI certified diver, it only made sense for me to pursue that as a business in my homeland of the Dominican Republic. As a part of El Tour Caribe, I made a push to develop the Punta Cana Scuba Diving brand. Not only did we get a great online presence, but we also built an identity around some unique diving adventures we hand-tailored for our clients. We’re now one of the premier private diving companies in the region, and are even branching out to the eCommerce market to promote our branded product line.

Edwar Rodriguez – Punta Cana Scuba Diving

“We’ve accumulated a wealth of insight as to what drives our clients’ businesses. Collectively, we’ve put our heads together to stay ahead of coming trends.”

Trevor Barzee

Real Estate, Hospitality & Travel Marketing Strategist