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“Rev Your Engines With Wild Compass Media And Chris Grigalunas.”

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H ello again! As many of you already know, I’ve got a few irons in the fire so to speak. While focussing on Wild Compass Media, I always help to provide fruitful relationships with all companies I have the pleasure to be working with. Whether it be Wild Compass Media, The Virtual Exchange, Nu Skin, and of course, Azul Motorsports, I always try to create situations in which everyone can work together fluidly in arenas they see fit.

I’d like to take a moment and formally introduce you to Azul Motorsports, and late, a brief into to Caffeine & Octane for those unfamiliar with it.

Chris Grigalunas, the owner and operator of Azul Motorsports, is and has been an avid motorsport enthusiast. Having grown up with a strong passion for all things automotive, Chris got his feet wet in motorsport with his first full-fledged track car – a Subaru Impreza.

Fast forward to today, and Chris’s company, Azul Motorsports, is gripping the track at Road Atlanta – just near Chateau Elan. Azul whisks around the track in bright blue cars – hence the name Azul. Miatas and Vettes grace the garage. In fact, the newest addition to the Azul fleet is a bright blue 2018 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. Clocking zero to sixty times of around 3.6 seconds, this wide and low sports car continues the legacy of Zora Arkus-Duntov just as it should. The heritage is simply spectacular.

The Azul Motorsports team creates “race car like” experiences with up to thirty cars on the track simultaneously. The experience takes place on road racing tracks with right hairpins and incredible elevation changes that will likely satisfy most hardcore adrenaline junkies. Azul has long since been considered a one-stop-shop of sorts for things such as client entertainment, employee recognition evens, team building adventures, or just… plain… fun!

Wild Compass Media and Azul Motorsports have also formed “a team of their own”. Wild Compass Media created and helps to maintain and grow their website and digital footprint, and in exchange we get the pleasure of participating in on-car and on-track marketing. Luckily, most of those opportunities are within our niche markets of focus; the same can be said for Chris at Azul. We’re both looking forward to many years of successful roads ahead (pun intended).

In closing, let’s talk briefly about Caffeine & Octane. For those of you networkers amongst us, you can find Chris, Azul, Trevor, & myself down near Perimeter Mall at the greatest show on earth (will Ringling let us say that?) that is Caffeine & Octane. Just as it’s name suggests, this is a high-adrenaline experience for all. Revving engines and cups of joe help to complete a collective marketing and gathering experience that few events can emulate.

Caffeine and Octane is a nationally recognized (yes, nationally) “all makes, all models” car show that attracts over two thousand vintage, muscle, exotic, and specialty vehicles from many surrounding areas. As indicated by the National Lampoon’s Winnebago and a classic Checker Marathon cab, you never know what may show up.

The Caffeine and Octane Car Show in Atlanta is easy to get to from anywhere in the metro Atlanta area. It’s held from 8am until 11am (hence the caffeine part) on the first Sunday of every month at Perimeter Mall in North Atlanta. See the map below for an exact location.

I’m sure that we’ll see you there – and you MUST stop by the Azul display to say hello to Chris, myself, Trevor, and whomever else you may come across and DEFINITELY ask us about Wild Compass Media and how we can work together to develop and grow your bottom line. After all, what better place to help drive the creative juices in your mind than at Caffeine & Octane in Atlanta, Georgia!

Written By Ian Jarvis Hathaway & Co-Authored By Trevor C. Barzee

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Ian Jarvis Hathaway grew up in Vinings, Georgia and attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and financiers, with a long family history of American success stories from well over a century ago. He’s passionate about flying and uses this passion to connect industry leaders with marketing services and clientele suitable to their products and services. Ian travels regularly to the Nantucket, Massachusetts area where he has strong connections and is influential in business there. Ian is a public relations specialist for companies in both Atlanta and the Nantucket area. He works with Azul Motorsports, which specializes in exclusive automotive experiences for personal and corporate clients. He collaborates with Valor Hospitality Partners, a global hospitality company that has a broad spectrum of international boutique hotels and report properties. He also operates a personal consulting agency where he provides ongoing services for companies that specialize in custom software for the health/medical industry to companies that connect global leaders in the hi-tech and IT industries. Ian has cultivated a network of contacts made up of entrepreneurs and business owners. He is a member of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the NRA Business Alliance. Ian is also working with Wild Compass Media as the New Business Development leader for the Southeastern U.S. and New England areas.

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