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“The Benefits Of Business Aviation Which Are Often Overlooked”

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O ne of Wild Compass Media’s niche industries is business aviation. As our readers and clients may have already noticed, we’re showing our support for No Plane, No Gain. No Plane, No Gain is an initiative of the National Business Aircraft Association which helps to raise awareness for the Business Aviation Industry. Not sure what business aviation is? Business aviation means using “general aviation” aircraft for a business purpose. This includes any flights that are not military or scheduled airlines.

Business aviation means many things. Business aviation helps support over a million jobs while also providing a lifeline for communities. Business aviation means humanitarian support and it also enhances productivity.

Business aviation also helps support 1.1 million jobs. This can be directly, through airport-related jobs; and it can also be indirectly by way of purchasing goods and services from companies involved in the aircraft industry. Business aviation also helps generate $219 billion in economic activity each year. The United States benefits from business aviation because a majority of general aviation aircraft that are used for business throughout the world are manufactured, operated, serviced and maintained in the United States. Flights for business airlines.

Business Aviation provides a lifeline for communities. We often don’t realize there are communities throughout the U.S. that have little to no service from scheduled airlines. The companies wanting or needing to do business in these communities therefore rely completely on business aviation. We think this is an impressive and little-known fact that helps you see business aviation in a new light.

Here are some other facts to consider about the positive impact business aviation has on communities: 38% of business aviation missions commonly involve multiple destinations; and 41% of business aircraft are flown to towns with little or no airline service. It’s plain to see that business aviation drives more business to communities that need it.

Business aviation results in enhanced productivity in many ways. Companies of various sizes are able to use business aircraft in many beneficial ways. Business aviation can minimize travel time as well as enhance the efficiency and productivity of employees. It can also improve the safety and security of employees as well. An interesting statistic reported that two-thirds of passengers are more productive on business aircraft than they are when working in their office.

Business aviation affords essential privacy needed for business personnel to discuss proprietary information. If the aircraft possesses the technology, business personnel are able to stay in constant contact with their colleagues at their office while in flight. If there are materials and tools that need to be transported for companies, business aviation provides this service that airlines cannot.

Successful companies understand the value of business aviation. Of Fortune magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” 95% of them are business aircraft users. Among Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Places to Work”, 85% are business aircraft users. And among Business Week/Interbrand’s 2008 “100 Best Brands”, 98% are business aircraft users.

The statistics are impressive and still business aviation provides humanitarian support in addition to financial benefits. Business aviation plays an integral role in providing aid to citizens and communities in crisis. Business aviation takes part through volunteer organizations such as Angel Flight, Air Care Alliance and Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies.

Business aircraft make roughly 15,000 flights in a year for humanitarian reasons. In 2015, 25% of business aircraft pilots flew a humanitarian mission. Humanitarian aid consists of providing disaster relief in the form of food, medicine and clothing to people experiencing the crisis. It also includes transportation of volunteers to the site of the crisis. Also included in humanitarian efforts is the transportation of patients in need of life-saving medical procedures, as well as transporting organs to hospitals for emergency surgeries.

Continuing the impressive humanitarian statistics, it’s important to note that the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) reported in 2007 that volunteer pilots fly over 118,000 hours a year on charitable missions.

Business aviation obviously has an impressive reach. It’s also interesting to note that business airplanes can access about 5,000 airports, whereas the airlines only reach 500. All 50 states have companies using business aviation that provide a critical transportation lifeline to their communities.

Now we’ve covered the myriad of ways business aviation benefits organizations and individuals. Ultimately business aviation means more profits as a result of increased efficiency and enhanced productivity. Are you wondering if business aviation could be an integral part of your organization’s success?

If you’re curious how business aviation can interact with your company, search for #BizAvWorks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And by all means, contact us at Wild Compass Media so we can help your business become even more successful than it already is.

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