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I always say it’s very important to network no matter where you happen to be at any given time. I have gone so far as to have geographically inspired marketing materials for my networking and marketing efforts created by our esteemed Creative Director Trevor Barzee. Anything from Postcards to the ever-popular Instagram Squares that showcase the location of where I am and entice the local businesses. In some cases, I will also create a whole different business card back for the location depending on various factors. For instance, create an NRA Business Alliance back for a trade show or event or at NBAA themed back for Airshow or other industry event.

You can find me in Nantucket during the week surrounding the 4th of July every year. Nantucket is a wonderful place to network and market too, because the proper clientele is there, whether it be Automotive Enthusiasts, Aviation Related (as they have a pretty substantial, however small airport that houses and hosts many private jets and jet charter companies from the region and around the world). All the way to the Luxury Real Estate Market as most of the Real Estate on the Island falls in that category.

Our team loves to network and find customers who need our help with their marketing endeavors. Sometimes you can create unique ways to market to them, so that you don’t offend or have them lose interest. If you find out their interest, you have their attention longer, sometimes long enough to get them as clients.

Some of you may think that may be a waste of time or energy, or money for that matter, however, in some cases personalized touches such as customizing marketing materials aimed at certain industries ensures people pay attention, because they will take note that you put effort into marketing to that demographic. For instance, many of our clients are in the aviation arena, so we have created some marketing collateral that reflects the Aviation Industry. We also have clients in the Hospitality Industry as well, so we have hospitality themed marketing materials as well.

When traveling keep in mind you never know who you will meet, I have met various people in the Real Estate and Travel Industry on my travels around the US and World for that matter. When I attended a few of the RM Sotheby’s Auctions in Amelia Island, Florida, it was saturated with a diverse group of car enthusiasts and art collectors, not to mention various people in Real Estate and Hospitality as the event was hosted at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida.

I could see MicroSites being utilized for those types of events since there is many categories there. Anything from Art Auctions, to the infamous Car Auctions, to the Hotel itself. It is chocked full of opportunity and potential clients.

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Ian Jarvis Hathaway

Author Ian Jarvis Hathaway

Ian Jarvis Hathaway grew up in Vinings, Georgia and attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and financiers, with a long family history of American success stories from well over a century ago. He’s passionate about flying and uses this passion to connect industry leaders with marketing services and clientele suitable to their products and services. Ian travels regularly to the Nantucket, Massachusetts area where he has strong connections and is influential in business there. Ian is a public relations specialist for companies in both Atlanta and the Nantucket area. He works with Azul Motorsports, which specializes in exclusive automotive experiences for personal and corporate clients. He collaborates with Valor Hospitality Partners, a global hospitality company that has a broad spectrum of international boutique hotels and report properties. He also operates a personal consulting agency where he provides ongoing services for companies that specialize in custom software for the health/medical industry to companies that connect global leaders in the hi-tech and IT industries. Ian has cultivated a network of contacts made up of entrepreneurs and business owners. He is a member of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the NRA Business Alliance. Ian is also working with Wild Compass Media as the New Business Development leader for the Southeastern U.S. and New England areas.

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